Task number 1Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Grades (marks) encourage student to learn. Use specific reason and examples to support your opinion

education system in indonesia is with give grade as the result of the students test. Grade encourage student to learn. I agree with that statement. In the below is there are the reason that I agree grade encourage student to learn.

To begin with, using grade can be motivation for the student. When student get good grade the best way to reach that is with motivate. Their will motivate them self to get good grade. Teacher also can give motivate to their student with give frequent, early, positive feedback that supports students beliefs that they can do well. However motivation can support encourage student to learn harder. Based on my experience if there is no motivation in my own self there is no encourage to learn harder to get good grade.As my experience when I take good grade I feel satisfied and happy and I study harder to get higher grade than before, but when get low grade I feel disappointed and this is encourage me to learn harder and harder but not to forget to learn by each process. So I think motivation is important to support take good grade and encourage me to study harder.

As well know, grade use as a standard qualification such as to apply to school, college, and company. With that statement student encourage to learn harder. When the students apply to school or college usually there is test so they will study hard to get good grade and passed the test. However to apply to company is not different with  apply to school and college it just little bit complex than school and college there is more complex test, so with grade as a criteria of qualification encourage to learn harder  and harder to reach that goal. For example when the students who passed from senior high school. They want to apply to indonesia university, before the test they have done to study but they don’t have good luck to enter to indonesia university, the students failed the test. Next in other test of university, the students chooses to gajah mada university. the students  more study harder to pass the test. The announcement out, the students passed the test with get good grade.

In conclusion, grades encourage students to learn in reality is needed. With grades encourage students to study there is motivate from students to reach their goals, grades give students feels statisfied when the students reach take good grades, and as well know grade use as standard qualification  the student have think they must to learn harder.


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